Ch. 342: Agents of Darkness


the can u not collection general edition part 5

Chopper: So many people!!
Luffy: It's so far!
Nami: You can just stretch your arms and fly over if an uproar occurs.
Zoro: Yeah. But if we're the ones to cause the uproar... we would have played right into her hands.
Tilestone: Come if you dare!!! Woooooo!!!
Hattori: You're too loud! Be quiet, Tilestone!!
Peeply: They didn't get on the sea trains.
Kaku: They must still be on the island somewhere. But they'd have to be really stupid to show up here with so many people guarding.
Paulie: There was that idiot who came crashing through a window in broad daylight today. So we can't use normal logic with them...!!